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"CANCER"  is probably one of the scariest words in the English language. It invokes a wide range of emotions: fear, anger, helplessness and denial to name only a few. Yoga has been proven to a very effective way to deal with the emotions and the physical aspects of cancer.

The breath work in the class infuses the body with pranna, or energy.  The pranna is used by the body to replenish energy lost through stress. 

By moving the physical body through "asana" or postures, it allows the body to relax and the muscles to release.  

Once the body is relaxed and the pranna is replenished, the mind can now rest.  Once the mind is at rest the body can focus all of its energy on healing.  A 30 minute deep relaxing exercise can give the body the equivalant of 3 hours of sleep.  Most of the body's healing is done during sleep, as the energy is not being used on stress.

The class consists of 40 minutes of gentle, restorative postures, done either standing, seated or lying down.  There is breath work and then a visualization exercise.  Once the physical body is ready, a 30 deep relaxation finishes the class.

Each class is small with individual attention given to each student and tailored to the fitness level of each person.